Interactive Map for Playa Del Carmen

Anybody planning to go to Playa del Carmen must have a look at this handy interactive map put together by the guys at Playa[dot]info the website and forum dedicated to "Playa" living. Playa del Carmen is very easy to navigate as the streets are in a grid system. From the Playacar development right up to 38th avenue can be considered the "tourist" zone and this stretches back as far to the national Highway. Use this as your guide. To the east of 38 you have the "barrio" of Colosio which is were most of the local and orignal inhabitants live. To the north of the highway you have Ejido which again is a local neighbourhood without many tourists. There are also some new housing developments scattered on this side of the highway. Playacar 1 and 2 are the nicest areas to stay (and obviously the most expensive) and if you're not a local or Spanish speaker I would avoid Colosio and Ejido. In between 1st and 38 you will find accommodation to meet all levels and you are never more than 8 or 9 blocks from the beach as the roads running parallel go up in 5's. Most of the action is centred around 5th street, a boulevard of boutiques, restaurants, bars and tourist shops.

The interactive map can be found here: Interactive map of Playa del Carmen

Article from the Telegraph, March 2011, about Tulum!

I have decided to link to this very well written article in the Telegraph (an English broadsheet newspaper) about the charming village of Tulum, south of Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. Tulum has world class beaches and is also home to significant Mayan ruins as well has having some of the most beautiful cenotes in Quintana Roo. Strolling around the ruins here is a delight were you will see huge Iguana's roaming freely and the beautiful coastline which is famous for its many different shades if blue. link to the article is below! Enjoy!

Telegraph Article about Tulum

Life in Quintana Roo

Weather its the hotels and glam of Cancun or the sleepy towns along the Mayan coast the Yucatan peninsula offers something for everybody at every conceivable budget. It really doesn't matter if you are super rich or struggling to make ends meet there is property for all budgets.

This is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, blessed with beautiful sunshine and scorching temperatures year round, world class cuisine, superb diving and snorkelling locations, the mystical and beautiful "Cenotes", exotic wildlife and friendly local people and fellow expats to help you every step of the way.

This is also a safe area to live in Mexico with very low crime rates and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

If you want to get a feel of the local scene and maybe connect with other expats it would be a good idea to browse some of the forums online. You will find people with years of experience in the local area and its a good place to start making friends.

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Mayan Riviera


Map of Mayan Riviera

A basic map of the Mayan Riviera, Cancun is to the north, close to Isla Mujeres and further south is Playa del Carmen opposite the Island of Cozumel and close to Xcaret theme park. Further south is the village of Akumal (beautiful beach for snorkelling) and Tulum were there are Mayan ruins and world class beaches. You will also find cenotes on the road between Cancun and Tulum, some of the more famous being Dos Ojos, Grand Centoe and Cenote Azul.

Ariel photo of cancun looking south towards Playa Del Carmen. Notice the lagoon behind the beach in Cancun.